Not Dead!

24 02 2010

Not dead yet guys! Pretty much working solo at the moment, Dice-Key and 190 are pretty much busy with their personal affairs and I’ve been pretty busy with classes lately. I plan on releasing more of the Mai-Hime doujinshis by P-Forest, other doujinshi by HiyoHiyo, and some other stuff. I will also be doing free requests with the exchange of doujinshi I’m looking for. Of course, the requests will still be within my guidelines. Also, if anyone would like free requests, I am looking for an editor to help speed up my translations. In exchange for a few edits, I would translate 20-30 page doujinshi by request. If anyone is interested, please let me know but I only want clean editors (Gotta know GIMP/Photoshop). I will have releases coming out starting mid to late March.


[P-Forest] Haruka-chan to Iroiro [ENG]

12 12 2009

[P-Forest] Haruka-chan to Iroiro [ENG]

Second release! Hopefully I can manage at least 1 release a week. I am working with Dice-Key in releasing a 130 page book made by Kashiwa-ya/HiyoHiyo, it will be released in chapters and she will be translating them while I localize and edit them. As for the release, it is a consensual to anal rape doujinshi based on Haruka from Mai-Hime. Hope you enjoy! Also, if anyone can give me information on how to add links and customize my blog more so that it’s more community friendly, please let me know! I’m still pretty new to this whole doujinshi translation thing. Enjoy!!!

First Translation!

8 12 2009

[穴RT] [Jingai Makyo] V Battlefield – Heaven’s Door [ENG]

Hey guys, just started working on doing translations! There is about three of us working on these and this would be our first release! More information about us will be soon to come, but please enjoy our first release~!  It’s a Valkyria Chronicles H-Doujinshi with some consensual sex, some rape,  and some gangbang. Enjoy!

EDIT: This current version is missing page 26, for some reason it became corrupt when I made it, I will re-zip and post it tonight, going to remove links for now.

UPDATE: Just updated with all files, tested and seems to have no problems… for any of you with the old version, here is a link to the missing page.